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ADR Models Available 2024


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The official brand by Apollo Vehicle. With over 20 years of motorcycle manufacturing experience, Apollo Vehicle has finally launched the all new RFN Brand. Capturing to attention of many, the RFN brand has become an instant global phenomenon and it's not hard to see why. Reach new heights with the 2023 RFN ARES ENDURANCE electric motorcycle which is the signature Enduro Road Registrable series model of the RFN ARES lineup. 

Featuring a whopping 11kw output motor which will enable insane speeds of up to 75km/h, 200mm travel fully adjustable front forks, 19" motorcycle grade wheels, and a premium 35AH, 2,590Wh LG 21700 cell battery for huge 70km range, you can take on daring challenges with complete confidence.

Also for the adrenaline junkie within, the comfortable seat can also be removed, transforming the bike into a trials bike in seconds!

The frame consists of Apollo’s own special 3 part manufacturing process which entails steel, cast aluminum aswell as CNC fabrication which makes this one of the lightest motorbikes ever produced, weighing in at just 68kg.


Be fearless, Be daring and Take risks on the RFN ARES Electric Dirt Bikes because - RACING FEARS NOTHING.

Available from Early 2024.

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